This session will address the role of the media in discussing the issues related to the so-called “reproducibility crisis” in a constructive way. Panellists will present several critical aspects of this complex issue, and will reflect with the audience on the role that science journalists can have in helping citizens to notice not only the noise of the “falling trees” (the scandals involving lack of integrity and bad methodology) but also the much fainter noise of the growing “forest” of initiatives that are trying to fix the current system of incentives/disincentives that does not value reproducibility studies and instead often leaves room for rushed, hyped, unreliable research.

Laura Fortunato (University of Oxford)
Anne Scheel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, CWTS Leiden)
Ewout Steyenberg (Leiden University Medical Center)

Discussion lead by Fabio Turone (Centre for Ethics in Science and Journalism).

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